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Are you able to tell us if we need planning permission?
Yes, we will tell you if you need planning permission for your project and will advise you whether you need an architect. We can also appoint and manage an architect on your behalf.
Will you be interested in taking on a small job?
Generally, yes! Please Contact Us
Will you provide customer references?
Yes! Please see Customers Say
Are you members of any professional bodies?
Yes, We are members of the Federation of Master Builders
What will we have to pay up front?
Well that depends on the size of the project. Typically for larger projects we ask customers to commit to a 1000 deposit as we are booking work some months in advance and need to ensure we will commence on time.
What is the legal basis of your quotation?
Our quotation has a complete contract printed on its reverse. Once you accept the quotation you accept the terms and conditions therein. This contract clearly lays out our responsibilities to you and you to us. We will happily provide you with a copy if you ask us.
How many payments will I need to make?
Once again that depends on the size of your project. Typically it will range between two and four. Payments you make will be geared to the progress we have achieved for you at easily identifiable stages in the work i.e. foundations complete, roof on etc.
What will the quote include?
The quote will comprehensively cover the detail of your project and a reasonably accurate schedule of works as well as costs.
Do you use sub-contractors?
In addition to our own team, we use a trusted network of sub-contractors most of whom we have known for at least ten years. They are all qualified professionals and we remain responsible for their management and quality of work.
Will you provide a written guarantee?
We are able to offer you the Federation of Master Builders, Masterbond Warranty. Details are available here:
Federation of Master Builders Masterbond Warranty
You also have the added reassurance that should your work be inspected by the Local Authority Building Inspectors (which most larger works are), then you have a statutory recourse to the Local Authority as well.

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