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                      Kestrel Road

24th March, 2009

Dear Brian,

Now we have been back in the house for a few months, I thought it was appropriate to express our thanks for the work you have done here.

Compared to the house as it was before, it is an immeasurable improvement, the quality of the workmanship, and the little touches in the finish – such as boxing around the bottom of the radiators, the form of the arch and a hundred and one other details – still bring us great pleasure. It is a delight as well when others admire what has been created.

Can you please pass on our thanks as well to the various specialists you brought in, each did an extremely good job, especially where dealing with new systems, or items we had sourced ourselves.

While we had an understanding of what the shape of the finished house would look like, it is through your diligent work and assistance, that it has become a home we are truly comfortable in.

We would be delighted to talk to anyone who is looking for a reference for your work, and have already recommended you to others considering similar projects.

Again with many thanks,

Simon and Penelope Barton.

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