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Sheila and Mick Boyd, Glenfield Road, Luton.

Telephone number and viewing of work available upon request.

We decided to extend our lounge and dining area in late 2004 and contacted BB Builders as they were recommended by a friend. We were impressed with Brian’s attention to detail and accepted his quotation. 

We had a sense of intrepidation about the amount of disruption we would have to go through during the building work. However, from the day that Brian turned up with his team we began to relax. We just knew by the way that the materials and equipment arrived that things were going to be very well organised and we were happy with the pace of progress.

After the foundations were dug, a completely unforeseeable problem arose. We had a drain running directly beneath our foundations that was not marked on any plans or indicated by any manhole covers. Brian consulted with the Building Inspector and agreed a solution. Within three days his team had constructed some supporting columns and placed a huge metal girder encased in concrete over the drain. Within two weeks we were back on schedule again and subsequently finished on time.

We can’t recommend BB Builders highly enough. They are very professional, take pride in their work, they kept us well informed and were entirely pleasant to deal with.


In 2009 we decided to have our bathroom converted to a wetroom and asked Brian to undertake this work for us. We were absolutely delighted with the result. The quality of the work is superb and the attention to detail impressive.

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